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Economic empowerment of women

When we talk about "Economic Empowerment of Women" we should understand that the biggest problem of women today is lack of recognition for their work. Women have always contributed to society and economy by helping in agriculture and food production in developing countries and as part-time and temporary workers in developed countries. This is in contrast to her role as a housewife which is not valued economically either. In fact, recent United Nations statistics show that 53% of work in developing countries is done by women, and of the $16 trillion in global GDP, $11 trillion is contributed by women. Despite these contributions, there is a lack of acceptance of the role of women in all spheres of life. The problem is actually much bigger than what we understand and hence the problem is not only women's economic empowerment. In fact, it is about deep-rooted prejudice and discrimination against women in society.

Economic Empowerment of Women: Discrimination against women

It is ironic and sad that there is widespread discrimination against women in almost all walks of life. He is also disadvantaged and deprived of basic rights like right to education and health. Also he does not have access to capital or other resources to make an informed choice in life. Women are left out of the decision-making power structure in every sphere of life, including the political, economic, social and religious structures of society. Returning to the question of women's active contribution economically or otherwise, we find that society in every part of the world happily embraces women's labor efforts but is left out when it comes to sharing the spoils of that labor. This is not only happening in developing countries, but it is also true for developed countries where most women working as part-time workers in the informal economy have less admittance to essential medical care administrations, training, monetary assets, worker freedoms. Land ownership. If we look at the "decision-making structure" in any economic, social, political or religious field, we will see that blatant discrimination makes it almost impossible for women to climb the ladder and reach important positions. and bias. But we cannot sit with all these problems and not be bothered by them. We have to start somewhere and the best course of action is to start on the economic front.

Women's Economic Empowerment: Increasing income and increasing the flow of capital into women's hands

The main initiative needed to change the situation of women is to increase the flow of capital into the hands of women. The more women are economically empowered and generate income, the greater their potential for overall development and progress. This is because women spend a large portion of their income on providing better health care, education and nutrition for themselves and their families. Additionally, steady income in hand makes women more confident in making financial and other decisions related to their family. It has been found that when women start earning they adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles and have lower fertility rates resulting in fewer children. Overall we see that the more economically and financially strong women are, the more they are able to make informed choices about their lives. Steady income and financial independence lead to the advancement and advancement of women through various endeavors such as contraception, age at marriage, fertility, infant mortality and employment in the modern sector. Economic empowerment of women for stable income growth and financial independence will surely help women to make decisions and choose the best options in their personal and professional life.

Women's Economic Empowerment: Resistance to Women's Economic Empowerment

We have to admit that when we talk of economic empowerment of women and increasing financial independence of women we have to face strong resistance from the existing structure of the society at every level. Resistance comes in many forms and is pervasive in society in the form of gender bias and gender discrimination. It has many ugly aspects around the world and many of them take the form of direct physical and mental abuse. One of the most common forms of violence is violence against women. Violence against women occurs in almost every corner of the world. The main forms of violence against women are domestic violence and rape. Apart from violence, there is prejudice against women in the form of tremendous gender discrimination and substandard and miserable living conditions. There are millions of women around the world whose basic needs in terms of food and nutrition, health care and education are not being met.

Such heinous practices are taking place in many other countries which may amount to genocide as well as crimes against humanity. Feticide falls in this category. Other evils like trafficking of young women and girls, child marriage and dowry system play a major role in dragging women into a life of endless misery and suffering. In this situation how can we think about the economic empowerment of women? After all, we can find a clear bias towards women in the decision-making power structure of society that is insensitive to the causes of 50% of the human population and is actually poorly represented by women in the first place. Compounding all these barriers, even when women set out to earn their own through economic ventures, they face barriers to access capital and other resources. Overall, women are in a very deprived and marginalized position. The tragedy is that this situation still persists when research shows that when women are financially empowered, they contribute to their family, society, nation and society in terms of their savings and their efforts for the overall development of the family. become the greatest asset to the world. Society as well as nation. This is true because when women start earning, they return a large part of their earnings to the family for better health, education and nutrition. It has a tremendous impact on the growth and development of the next generation who are the seeds of the future of human development.

Women's Economic Empowerment: Figures Show Worrying Situation

The statistics show how bad the condition of women is. According to the most recent UN figures, of the 135 million children in the world who are not receiving an education, 60% are girls. These girls lead a life of toil, misery and open exploitation. Only 1 in 4 girls who go to primary school continue after four years, and the rest who drop out return to a hellish vortex of direct marginalization, discrimination and abuse. It is shocking to know that two-thirds of the world's 880 million illiterate adults are women. What more evidence is needed to understand the status of women in our society and the world.

Women's Economic Empowerment: Biased Patriarchal Structures and the Need for Fundamental Change

We have to accept the fact that unless we radically change the structure of our society which is patriarchal and highly biased against half of the human population, we will not be able to eradicate the evils of gender inequality and gender inequality existing in our society. We cannot think of moving forward to achieve true economic progress and development without ever considering the collapse of patriarchal structures based on power and control and replacing them with a collectivist structure based on consolidation of power. Women have to take the initiative to change the existing structure. They need to come forward to create new structures that will positively empower them as well as act as a catalyst for large-scale change in society. We have to start somewhere and the start can be with women's economic empowerment. Only when women are financially empowered can we think of a movement that will work towards further change that will provide better healthcare, education, housing and nutrition for the next generation. The seeds of change are the next generation and their future lies in the hands of women who are financially empowered today and who can make informed choices about their lives and their families. So if we have to start from somewhere then we have to work for economic empowerment of women. Only in this way can we think of tackling many other aspects related to women's empowerment. Every problem in today's society affects women badly whether it is war, health problems like AIDS, poverty, violence, unemployment or population growth. The solution to all these problems is certainly complex but the initiative can start with the economic empowerment of women.

Women's Economic Empowerment: Bringing women into the mainstream of the economy

When we talk about economic empowerment of women, we should understand one thing more clearly. It is true that despite efforts to mainstream women into economic activity, the majority of the active female population is confined to micro-enterprises and the informal sector. It is represented by agriculture and daily wage jobs in rural areas and part-time jobs in urban areas. The big question is how to bring these women working in the informal sector into a larger circle where their rights are protected and where they are not exploited in any way. Formation of effective unions should be given top priority to protect women's rights in these areas. More than security, these associations should find ways of holistic development of their women members with special focus on economic empowerment.

On the other hand there are some indications that women are increasingly seeking self-employment in the formal private sector and this is a good trend that needs to be further encouraged as it is a constructive and productive form of economic empowerment. Also, women are now organizing themselves into entrepreneurs' or bankers' organizations to improve their economic status and influence economic policies. However, their integration into the formal sector is still hampered by limited access to credit, resources, technology and technical skills. Keeping all these developments in mind, the creation of multilateral financial institutions specifically catering to women's needs at the international, national and regional levels will help address the specific financial needs of women at all levels and support informal, formal and support. Rapid integration of women in the organized sector.

Women's Economic Empowerment: Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative

Economic empowerment of women can be started by working on some basic issues like training and education of women to generate profitable income, bringing gender sensitivity in all spheres of human life as well as starting awareness programs which women empowerment can help you make an informed choice. About them. Different aspects of his life. Following are some of the major initiatives that can be taken for economic empowerment of women

1. Recognizing the importance of education and training for women's economic empowerment in the short and long term.

2. To acknowledge and accept the obvious gender based biases that are very prevalent in all parts of the world and take strong steps towards gender analysis and gender sensitivity in every aspect of human life.

3. To empower women to be part of the workforce by raising awareness about employee rights.

4. Work on women's communication skills so they become confident and master advocacy and negotiation techniques.

5. To encourage and assist women entrepreneurs in developing marketable models of enterprise through expert guidance and “skill development” assistance.

6. To plan educational and training modules for women based on their professional and domestic commitments and help women to balance the two.

7. Uses communication technology to fundamentally change the way women think through shared experiences of success and expertise. These communication activities can be carried out in rural as well as urban scenario to motivate women to take up self-empowerment programmes.

8. To educate and train women to engage in markets and institutions primarily for income.

9. To promote the central role of women in the national economy and to celebrate success stories of women entrepreneurship and women professionalism in every field.

10. Gender training and sensitization of the present structure of society represented by government, social organizations and private initiatives.

11. To provide opportunities for women to network and communicate across borders for economic empowerment. Networking and interaction activities may include promotion of networking, export development and joint ventures among women entrepreneurs and related associations.

12. Improving the flow of and access to credit and finance for women through financial institutions for women entrepreneurs at the government and societal levels.

13. Access to loans financed through collateral for the loan. Such loans should be made available to those women who do not have the right to personal property, assets and land. More micro finance schemes will be made available for women

14. Build and strengthen a network that brings together women from different countries and regions with the common goal of economic empowerment of women. Such networks can influence international and national policy making, including international and national economic agreements. Also these networks among women in different countries can help increase women's participation in government structures such as chambers of commerce, help them access the latest technology, help them access management and marketing skills And can help nurture women entrepreneurs in incubators. Training and Skill Development Centre.

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